HXH: Why Is Kite a Girl?

Have you ever wondered why Kite, a character from the popular anime Hunter x Hunter, is sometimes referred to as a girl? In this comprehensive exploration, we'll delve into the intriguing aspects that contribute to this perception and shed light on the underlying reasons behind it.

Kite’s Appearance

Kite's physical appearance plays a significant role in the confusion surrounding their gender identity. With delicate facial features, long flowing hair, and a slender build, Kite often presents an androgynous appearance. This ambiguity is further enhanced by their choice of clothing, which frequently consists of flowing robes and dresses that obscure their gender-specific traits.

Kite’s Mysterious Nature

Much of Kite's personal history and motivations remain shrouded in mystery throughout the Hunter x Hunter series. This enigmatic aura adds to the speculation and uncertainty about their true identity. The lack of concrete information allows fans to form their own interpretations, leading to diverse perceptions of Kite's gender.

Kite’s Relationship with Gon

Kite's relationship with Gon Freecss, the protagonist of Hunter x Hunter, also contributes to the gender confusion. Acting as a mentor and parental figure to Gon, Kite exhibits a nurturing and compassionate side that is often associated with femininity. This nurturing role and the close bond they share further fuel the discourse surrounding Kite's gender identity.

Kite’s Doppelgänger

The introduction of Kite's doppelgänger, a character named Linnet, adds another layer of complexity to the gender debate. Linnet, who bears a striking resemblance to Kite, identifies as female. This parallel existence challenges perceptions and raises questions about the nature of Kite's own gender identity.

Kite’s Journey of Self-Discovery

As the Hunter x Hunter series progresses, Kite embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery. This journey leads them to confront their past, embrace their true self, and ultimately find acceptance and understanding. While the anime does not explicitly address Kite's gender identity, this journey of self-acceptance resonates with audiences and invites interpretations of their gender fluidity.


Kite's character in Hunter x Hunter remains a captivating and enigmatic figure whose gender identity is open to interpretation. Their ambiguous appearance, mysterious nature, nurturing role, and doppelgänger all contribute to the confusion and speculation surrounding their gender. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide how they perceive Kite's identity, further highlighting the show's exploration of complex themes and its ability to provoke thoughtful discussion among fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Kite's gender identity in Hunter x Hunter?

Kite's gender identity is intentionally ambiguous throughout the series, leaving room for multiple interpretations. While their appearance, relationships, and journey of self-discovery contribute to various perceptions, the anime does not provide a definitive answer, allowing fans to form their own conclusions.

  1. Why do some fans consider Kite to be a girl?

Kite's androgynous appearance, coupled with their nurturing role and close relationship with Gon, often leads fans to perceive them as female. Additionally, the existence of their doppelgänger, Linnet, who identifies as female, further contributes to the gender confusion.

  1. DoesKite's gender identity have any significance in the story?

While Kite's gender identity is not explicitly addressed or explored in detail, it does add depth and complexity to their character. The ambiguity surrounding their gender challenges traditional gender norms and invites viewers to reflect on the fluidity and diversity of gender identities.

  1. How does Kite's gender ambiguity contribute to the overall themes of Hunter x Hunter?

Kite's gender ambiguity aligns with Hunter x Hunter's exploration of complex themes such as self-acceptance, identity, and the challenges of growing up. Through Kite's journey of self-discovery, the series encourages viewers to embrace their individuality and challenge societal expectations.

  1. What is the significance of Kite's doppelgänger, Linnet?

Linnet's existence as Kite's doppelgänger serves as a parallel that both challenges and reinforces Kite's own gender identity. While Linnet identifies as female, Kite's gender remains ambiguous. This parallel existence allows viewers to explore the complexities of gender identity and question the traditional binary view of gender.



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