The Club Car’s OBC: An Overview

Club Car, a renowned manufacturer of golf carts, has incorporated a device named the On-Board Computer (OBC) into their vehicles. This intricate electronic module assumes the role of the brain in the golf cart, orchestrating a myriad of functions that maintain its smooth operation. From monitoring battery status and regulating power consumption to managing various electrical components, the OBC stands as a cornerstone of Club Car's renowned performance.

Circumventing the OBC: Why and When

In certain situations, it may be advantageous to bypass the OBC in Club Car golf carts. This can be attributed to several factors. Primarily, the OBC's inherent limitations may hinder the cart's overall performance. For instance, the OBC's default settings might restrict the cart's speed or limit its regenerative braking capabilities. Bypassing the OBC can unleash the cart's full potential, allowing enthusiasts to experience exhilarating speeds and enhanced braking efficiency.

Advantages of Bypassing the OBC

The act of bypassing the OBC in Club Car golf carts can bestow various benefits upon the user. These include:

  • Unleashing Enhanced Performance: Discarding the OBC’s constraints allows the cart to perform at its peak, delivering exhilarating speed and acceleration that greatly surpass the factory-set limits.
  • Eliminating Speed Restrictions: The OBC often imposes speed restrictions to ensure safe operation. However, these restrictions can be irksome for those seeking a more thrilling driving experience. Bypassing the OBC removes these limitations, allowing the cart to attain higher speeds.
  • Improving Regenerative Braking: The OBC’s default settings may hinder the effectiveness of regenerative braking, which converts the cart’s kinetic energy into electrical energy during deceleration. Bypassing the OBC optimizes regenerative braking, resulting in improved energy efficiency and extended range.
  • Drawbacks of Bypassing the OBC

    While bypassing the OBC can unlock performance gains, it also entails certain drawbacks that warrant consideration:

  • Compromised Safety: Removing the OBC’s safety features can expose the cart and its occupants to potential hazards. For instance, the OBC’s speed limiter serves as a crucial safeguard against reckless driving.
  • Diminished Battery Life: Bypassing the OBC can subject the battery to excessive stress, leading to premature degradation and reduced lifespan. The OBC’s charging and discharging cycles are meticulously calibrated to protect the battery.
  • Negated Warranty Coverage: Modifying the cart by bypassing the OBC may void the manufacturer’s warranty, leaving the owner responsible for any subsequent repairs or replacements.
  • Legal Implications of Bypassing the OBC

    The legality of bypassing the OBC varies across jurisdictions. In some regions, it is deemed illegal to tamper with the governor or speed limiter of a golf cart, as this modification may render the vehicle unsafe. It is imperative to ascertain the local regulations pertaining to golf cart modifications before proceeding with any alterations.


    Bypassing the OBC in Club Car golf carts can yield both advantages and disadvantages. While it can unlock the cart's full potential, it can also compromise safety, battery longevity, and legal compliance. Weighing these factors carefully and considering the specific intended use of the cart are essential before making a decision regarding OBC bypass.


    Q1: What are the primary reasons for bypassing the OBC in Club Car golf carts?

    A1: Bypassing the OBC can provide several benefits, including enhanced performance, elimination of speed restrictions, and improved regenerative braking.

    Q2: What are the potential drawbacks of bypassing the OBC?

    A2: Bypassing the OBC may compromise safety, diminish battery life, and void the manufacturer's warranty coverage.

    Q3: Is bypassing the OBC legal?

    A3: The legality of bypassing the OBC varies across jurisdictions. It is essential to check local regulations before making any modifications to the cart.

    Q4: Are there any safety precautions to consider when bypassing the OBC?

    A4: Yes, it is crucial to be mindful of potential safety hazards, such as increased speed and reduced braking efficiency, when bypassing the OBC.

    Q5: Can bypassing the OBC improve the overall driving experience?

    A5: Bypassing the OBC can lead to an exhilarating driving experience, characterized by higher speeds and enhanced acceleration. However, it is important to use caution and consider the potential drawbacks before making this modification.



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