Daya Jethalal Gada, the beloved character from the popular Indian sitcom Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, has been a part of our lives for over a decade. Daya's sudden departure from the show in 2017 left fans shocked and heartbroken, and the reasons behind her exit have been a subject of speculation ever since. In this article, we will explore the possible factors that led to Daya's departure from TMKOC.

1. Creative Differences

It is believed that Daya's portrayal in the show underwent significant changes over the years, which may have led to creative differences between Disha Vakani, the actress who played Daya, and the show's producers. Disha Vakani reportedly felt that the character was becoming repetitive and was not given enough scope for growth.

2. Disha Vakani's Maternity Leave

In 2017, Disha Vakani took a maternity leave, leading to a temporary exit from the show. It was widely expected that she would return after her maternity leave, but that did not happen. This suggests that there might have been other factors beyond creative differences that contributed to Daya's permanent departure from TMKOC.

3. Personal Reasons

It is also possible that Disha Vakani left TMKOC due to personal reasons unrelated to the show. She may have decided to focus on her family or pursue other career opportunities. While the exact reasons for her departure remain unclear, it is important to respect her decision as a private matter.

4. Changing Dynamics of the Show

Over the years, TMKOC has undergone several changes in its cast and crew. This can sometimes lead to a shift in the overall dynamics of the show, which may have made it difficult for Disha Vakani to continue playing Daya. It is likely that she felt it was the right time to move on to new challenges.

5. Financial Terms

Another possible factor that may have contributed to Daya's departure is a disagreement over financial terms. It is not uncommon for actors to negotiate their contracts with production houses, and it is possible that Disha Vakani was not satisfied with the terms offered to her.


Daya's departure from TMKOC was a significant moment in the show's history. While the reasons behind her exit are not entirely clear, it is likely that a combination of creative differences, personal reasons, changing show dynamics, and financial terms played a role in her decision to leave. Despite her absence, TMKOC continues to be a popular show, and Daya's character remains etched in the memories of fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Daya ever return to TMKOC?

A: The possibility of Daya's return to TMKOC remains uncertain. Disha Vakani has not publicly expressed her desire to return to the show, and the producers have not made any official announcements regarding her potential comeback.

2. Who replaced Daya in TMKOC?

A: Following Daya's departure, the character of Babita Iyer, played by Munmun Dutta, was given more prominence in the show. Babita's character underwent a transformation, becoming more involved in the day-to-day activities of the Gokuldham Cooperative Society.

3. What is Disha Vakani doing now?

A: Since leaving TMKOC, Disha Vakani has maintained a low profile. She has not taken on any other acting projects and has focused on her personal life.

4. Why did Daya's character become less prominent in the show towards the end?

A: It is possible that the show's producers were preparing for Daya's eventual departure. They may have gradually reduced her screen time to minimize the impact of her absence on the show's popularity.

5. How did the audience react to Daya's departure?

A: Daya's departure from TMKOC was met with disappointment and sadness by fans. Many viewers expressed their displeasure on social media and online forums, and some even stopped watching the show altogether.



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