If you're a fan of Daphne du Maurier's chilling Gothic novella, Rebecca, you're probably well-acquainted with the haunting presence of the enigmatic first Mrs. de Winter, Rebecca. The story revolves around the young and naïve second Mrs. de Winter, who finds herself battling against the formidable legacy of her predecessor. Among many crucial characters, there's one figure whose actions play a pivotal role in the tragic events that unfold: Mr. Aylmer, the family solicitor. Why did Aylmer choose to marry Georgiana? His motivations are complex and shrouded in mystery, but let's delve into the possible reasons behind this union.

A Calculated Move for Financial Security

In the upper echelons of society, Aylmer recognized an opportunity to bolster his financial standing. Marrying Georgiana, a woman of independent means, would secure his future and enhance his social status. While love might not have been the driving force, the financial benefits were certainly alluring. Money, as they say, talks, and Aylmer was eager to listen.

A Desperate Attempt to Escape a Bleak Reality

Aylmer’s personal life was far from ideal. His wife had tragically passed away, leaving him a widower with a young daughter to raise. The weight of grief and the burden of single parenthood were taking their toll. Marrying Georgiana offered a glimmer of hope, a chance to rebuild his family and find solace in companionship.

Genuine Affection Despite the Age Difference

Despite the significant age difference between Aylmer and Georgiana, it’s possible that genuine affection blossomed between them. Aylmer may have found solace in Georgiana’s youthful energy and optimistic outlook, while Georgiana might have been drawn to Aylmer’s maturity and stability. Love can defy societal norms and bridge age gaps, and perhaps their feelings for each other were undeniable.

A Selfish Desire for Companionship

As the family solicitor, Aylmer had a close relationship with the de Winters. He likely witnessed their marital bliss firsthand. Perhaps he yearned for a taste of that companionship, a longing to share his life with someone who could fill the void left by his deceased wife. Marrying Georgiana, a member of the de Winter family, would bring him closer to the life he craved.

A Chance to Protect Max de Winter

As the family solicitor, Aylmer was privy to the de Winters’ secrets. He knew the truth about Rebecca’s manipulation and her ultimate fate. Marrying Georgiana might have been a strategic move to protect Max de Winter from potential scandal and legal repercussions. Aylmer, as Georgiana’s husband, would have a vested interest in protecting Max and preserving the de Winter family’s reputation.

Conclusion: A Tangled Web of Motivations

Aylmer’s reasons for marrying Georgiana are intricate, woven together by financial ambition, personal loss, genuine affection, selfish desires, and a sense of duty. His decision was not driven by a single factor but rather a complex interplay of motives, each pulling him towards this fateful union. The marriage, however, proved to be a catalyst for a series of tragic events, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of all involved.


1. Was Aylmer truly in love with Georgiana?
Aylmer's feelings for Georgiana are ambiguous. While he may have harbored genuine affection for her, his decision to marry her was likely influenced by a combination of factors, including financial security and personal circumstances.

2. Did Aylmer marry Georgiana to protect Max de Winter?
Aylmer's role as Max de Winter's solicitor gave him insight into the dark secrets of the de Winter family. Marrying Georgiana might have been a strategic move to shield Max from potential scandal and legal consequences.

3. How did Georgiana's independent wealth factor into Aylmer's decision?
Georgiana's financial independence was undoubtedly a significant factor in Aylmer's decision to marry her. It offered him a means to improve his own financial standing and secure a comfortable future.

4. Was Aylmer motivated by genuine affection or selfish desires?
Aylmer's motivations were a blend of genuine affection and selfish desires. While he may have cared for Georgiana, his decision to marry her was also influenced by a desire for financial security and companionship.

5. How did Aylmer's marriage to Georgiana impact the events of Rebecca?
Aylmer's marriage to Georgiana set the stage for a series of tragic events. It brought to light Rebecca's manipulation and subsequent demise, leading to Max de Winter's trial and the revelation of the dark secrets that haunted Manderley.



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