Who Is GQ?

GQ (Originally Gentlemen's Quarterly) is an international monthly men's magazine published under Condé Nast. It was incepted in 1931 and has evolved into a fashion and lifestyle magazine, targeting the modern gentleman. Their articles cover a wide spectrum of topics, including fashion, entertainment, culture, sports, fitness, and food.

Why Could GQ Be Sending You Magazines?

There are a few reasons why GQ magazine may be sending you publications:

1. You May Have Subscribed to Their Magazine:

You may have subscribed to GQ magazine intentionally or inadvertently. This can occur when you fill out forms online, providing your name and address, which could result in receiving promotional mailings. It could also arise from contests or sweepstakes you participate in, leading to your contact details being shared with third parties.

2. Your Information Was Shared:

Your address may have been shared with GQ by a friend, family member, or colleague who intended to surprise you with a subscription or thought you'd appreciate the magazine.

3. Someone Mistakenly Provided Your Contact Details:

There might have been an error, such as someone mistakenly entering your information when subscribing themselves or someone else to the magazine.

4. Promotional or Courtesy Copies:

GQ may occasionally distribute promotional or courtesy copies of their magazine to potential subscribers or individuals they believe would align with their target audience.

5. Expired Subscription:

If you were previously a subscriber to GQ magazine and your subscription expired, the magazine might continue sending you issues as a courtesy or in the hope that you'll renew your subscription.

How to Stop Receiving GQ Magazines:

If you're no longer interested in receiving GQ magazines, here are a few things you can do:

1. Check Your Subscriptions:

Thoroughly examine your subscription history to verify if you signed up for GQ magazine inadvertently. If you find an active subscription, cancel it to prevent further issues from being sent to you.

2. Contact GQ Customer Service:

Reach out to GQ customer support via email, phone, or their online contact form. Explain that you are not interested in receiving the magazine anymore and request them to cease sending you copies.

3. Return the Magazine with a Note:

Write a polite note indicating that you do not want to receive the magazine and include it in an envelope, along with the unwanted copies. Address the envelope to GQ magazine and send it to their corporate headquarters, which you can find on their website.

4. Contact the Postmaster General:

If GQ continues to disregard your requests to stop sending magazines, you can file a formal complaint with the postmaster general. This action will prompt an official investigation into the matter.


If you're receiving GQ magazines without having subscribed to them, there are several potential causes. It could be an error, a promotional campaign, or someone mistakenly providing your contact information. Whatever the reason, you have various options available to stop receiving these publications, including canceling any active subscriptions, contacting GQ customer service, or even filing a complaint with the postmaster general.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I Get a Refund for Unsolicited GQ Magazines?

It's unlikely that you'll receive a refund for unsolicited magazines, as most subscription services don't issue refunds for promotional or courtesy copies.

2. What If I Continue Receiving GQ Magazines Despite My Requests to Stop?

If you've taken steps to stop receiving GQ magazines, but they still arrive at your doorstep, you can escalate the matter by filing a formal complaint with the postmaster general.

3. Is It Illegal for GQ to Send Me Magazines I Didn’t Ask For?

Generally, it is not illegal for GQ to send you magazines without your explicit consent. However, some states may have laws that regulate unsolicited commercial mailings, so it's worth checking your local regulations.

4. Can I Sell the GQ Magazines I Receive?

Yes, you are free to sell or dispose of the GQ magazines in any way you see fit, as they are essentially yours once they arrive at your address.

5. How Can I Prevent Receiving Unwanted Magazines in the Future?

Register with the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) Mail Preference Service. This service allows you to opt-out of receiving unsolicited marketing materials, including magazines and catalogs.



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