Anyone who's seen even a few episodes of {Gilmore Girls} will immediately note that the characters have many quirks, one of which is their unique way of giving nicknames. As the show goes on, the Gilmore girls and their companions collect a varied assortment of playful, personalized names for each other. Some monikers are obvious and easy to understand, while others seem random and mysterious at first.

Why is Rory Nicknamed Ace

Out of all the nicknames in the show, one that might leave you scratching your head is Logan's nickname for Rory, "Ace". Although Logan never explicitly explains why he calls Rory "Ace", there are a few possible explanations and references that loyal Gilmore Girls fans have speculated on over the years.

1. Rory’s Academic Achievements

Rory is known for her exceptional academic prowess. From the time she's old enough to read, Rory is a voracious learner and excels in school, often at the top of her class. Rory is also very driven and ambitious. She graduated from Chilton as valedictorian and goes on to attend the prestigious Yale University. Logan may have started calling Rory "Ace" because of her impressive academic achievements.

2. Rory’s Wit and Intelligence

Rory is also known for her sharp wit and quick witted intelligence. She is a quick learner and able to grasp complex concepts easily. Logan, who is also known for his intelligence, is drawn to Rory's intellectual prowess. He may have started calling her "Ace" as a term of admiration for her intelligence and wit.

3. Rory’s Resilience

Rory is a resilient character who goes through many ups and downs throughout the series. No matter what life throws her way, she always manages to pick herself up and keep going. This is a trait that Logan admires, and it's possible that he started calling her "Ace" as a way to acknowledge her strength and resilience.

4. Rory’s Role in Logan’s Life

Even though Logan comes from a wealthy family with many connections, he is often frustrated by the expectations and restrictions that come with his family's wealth and legacy. Rory, on the other hand, comes from a more modest background and has had to work hard to achieve her goals. Logan may have started calling Rory "Ace" as a way to acknowledge the positive role she plays in his life, helping him to break free from the constraints of his family's expectations.

Logan’s Other Nicknames

Interestingly, Logan uses pet names for several other characters in the show. He affectionately calls his younger sister, Honor, "Peanut" and his friend, Colin, is known as "Big." It seems like Logan has a knack for giving creative, personalized nicknames to the people in his life.


While Logan never explicitly explains why he calls Rory "Ace," it's likely that the nickname is a combination of several factors, including Rory's academic achievements, wit and intelligence, resilience, and her role as a positive force in his life. No matter the reason, the nickname "Ace" is a testament to the special bond between Logan and Rory.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What other nicknames do the Gilmore Girls have?

In addition to Rory's nickname, "Ace," the Gilmore Girls have a number of other nicknames, including:

  • Lorelai: "Lorelai, the Explorer" or "Rory's Mom"
  • Emily: "Grandma" or "Emily Gilmore"
  • Luke: "Luke Danes" or "Mr. Coffee"
  • Paris: "Paris Geller" or "The Ice Queen"
  • Lane: "Lane Kim" or "Lane-after-Dark"

2. Why does Logan call Rory “Ace” instead of her real name?

Nicknames are often used as a term of endearment or to express closeness between two people. By calling Rory "Ace," Logan is showing her that he cares about her and that she is special to him.

3. Do other characters in the show use nicknames?

Yes, several other characters use nicknames, including:

  • Christopher: "Chris"
  • Richard: "Grandpa" or "Richard Gilmore"
  • Jackson: "Jack"
  • Michel: "Michel Gerard"

4. What is the significance of the nickname “Ace”?

The nickname "Ace" is significant because it is a positive and complimentary term. It suggests that Rory is someone who is admired and respected.

5. Do Logan and Rory end up together?

Yes, Logan and Rory eventually end up together in the Netflix revival, {Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life}.



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