Why MHA is Hated: A Critical Analysis of the Controversial Anime

MHA, short for My Hero Academia, is an incredibly popular anime series that has taken the world by storm in recent years. Despite its vast fan base, it has also garnered significant criticism and hatred from certain quarters. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why MHA has generated such strong negative reactions from some viewers.

The Positives and Negatives of MHA

Before delving into the criticisms, it is essential to acknowledge the aspects of MHA that have made it so beloved:

  • Compelling Characters: MHA features a diverse cast of characters with unique quirks and personalities, making them relatable and engaging to the audience.
  • Thrilling Action Sequences: The show's action scenes are often praised for their intensity, fluidity, and creativity.
  • Emotional Storytelling: MHA effectively portrays the struggles and triumphs of its characters, evoking strong emotions from viewers.

However, many critics have also identified several shortcomings in the series:

  • Lack of Originality: Some argue that MHA lacks originality, as it draws heavily from other popular shonen anime, such as Naruto and One Piece.
  • Predictable Plot: Critics often point out that the plot of MHA can be predictable, lacking the suspense and twists that keep viewers engaged.
  • Excessive Fan Service: Another common complaint is the show's use of fan service, which can be distracting and detract from the overall narrative.

Criticisms and Counterarguments

Lack of Originality: While it is true that MHA shares some similarities with other shonen anime, it is unfair to dismiss it as unoriginal. The series does offer unique elements, such as its focus on quirks and the exploration of the hero society. Moreover, many successful shows have drawn inspiration from previous works, yet have still managed to establish their own distinct identity.

Predictable Plot: While the plot of MHA may not be the most unpredictable, it is important to consider that the series is primarily targeted at a younger audience. Predictability can sometimes be a positive aspect, as it provides a sense of comfort and familiarity to viewers. Additionally, MHA does feature some unexpected twists and turns, keeping the audience engaged and invested.

Excessive Fan Service: The use of fan service in MHA can indeed be excessive at times. However, it is essential to recognize that fan service is a common element in many popular anime series. It is up to the individual viewer to decide whether or not the fan service in MHA crosses the line into being distracting or inappropriate.


MHA is a complex and controversial anime series that has generated strong reactions from both fans and critics alike. While it has many positive aspects, such as its compelling characters, thrilling action sequences, and emotional storytelling, it also has some notable shortcomings, including its lack of originality, predictable plot, and excessive fan service. Ultimately, whether or not one enjoys MHA is a matter of personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the main criticisms of the anime series MHA?

MHA has been criticized for its lack of originality, predictable plot, and excessive fan service.

  1. Is MHA a good anime series?

The quality of MHA is subjective and depends on individual preferences. It has both positive aspects, such as its compelling characters and thrilling action sequences, and negative aspects, such as its lack of originality and predictable plot.

  1. Why do some people hate MHA?

Some people may dislike MHA due to its lack of originality, predictable plot, or excessive fan service. Additionally, some viewers may simply find the series to be unappealing or not to their taste.

  1. Is MHA appropriate for children?

MHA is rated PG-13, indicating that it may not be suitable for younger children. The series contains violence, blood, and some mature themes.

  1. What are some other popular anime series that are similar to MHA?

Some other popular anime series that are similar to MHA include Naruto, One Piece, Black Clover, Demon Slayer, and Attack on Titan.



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