How to get a lot of live likes and subscribers on Tik Tok

тик ток
The ability to express yourself on Tik Tok without any special requirements for the meaning and content of the content has given freedom, which is appreciated by many children, adolescents and young people. But a cute raccoon video or an amazing sports trick in a 15 second video needs viewers and their likes. Therefore, tiktokers immediately look for ways to promote videos and attract subscribers.

What is Tik Tok

This is a social network for sharing short videos of 15-60 seconds or conducting live broadcasts. Viewers can share video, like, comment, correspond with the author and each other in private messages. Hashtags are used to group videos by topic. The Tik Tok app exists for mobile devices only. It has a convenient built-in editor, a huge music library with free tracks and a large selection of special effects, filters, masks. At TikTok, everything is thought out to create and decorate videos with minimal effort. The main audience of this social network is children and adolescents, more than 40% of Tik Tok users are under 18 years old.

Why Get Likes and Fans

Where you you can get tik tok followers? On! Youth-oriented content is important to success on this social network, but not enough to gain followers quickly. After the publication, your video will be shown to a certain number of users and the further fate of the video depends on the reaction of its first 100-300 viewers. Therefore, it is important to show the new video to as many people as possible. This requires subscribers who will immediately see your work in their feed. Likes and comments are also needed, which signal TikTok algorithms about interest in your video. Then it will appear more often in the recommended ones.

TOP methods of promoting videos

All methods of promoting videos on TikTok boil down to two goals: to increase the number of first viewers and to influence the indicators that are important when forming a feed of recommended videos. To do this, you need to draw attention to the video and your account. Just posting creative videos on a regular basis is not enough, in most cases the audience will grow slowly. You need to purposefully attract fans and achieve their live likes. There are five main methods of promoting an account and individual videos: Take part in challenges; Buy ads from tiktokers with a large audience; Use your accounts in other social networks; Mutual PR; Increase likes and subscribers using special services.


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