BMTH, the renowned metalcore band that once captivated listeners with their raw energy and brutal sound, has come under scrutiny lately for their perceived shift towards a softer musical style. Fans and critics alike have expressed concerns that the band is losing its edge and deviating from the sound that made them famous. In this article, we'll delve into the reasons behind BMTH's apparent softening of sound and explore the implications of this transformation.

1. Evolving Musical Tastes:

Like many bands, BMTH has gone through a natural evolution in their musical journey. As musicians grow and mature, their tastes and influences inevitably change. This can lead to a shift in the band's sound and style. BMTH members have openly acknowledged their expanding musical horizons, citing new inspirations from various genres. This broadening of their musical palette has likely influenced their recent sonic direction.

2. Audience Expansion:

Bands often face the challenge of balancing their artistic integrity with the desire to reach a wider audience. As BMTH's popularity grew, they may have felt the need to adapt their sound to appeal to a broader fan base. Aiming to connect with a more mainstream audience, the band might have intentionally softened their music to make it more accessible. This strategic move could be seen as an attempt to broaden their appeal and increase their commercial success.

3. Creative Exploration:

As artists, BMTH may simply be seeking new creative challenges. After years of performing and recording heavy metal, they may feel the need to explore different musical territories. This creative exploration is a natural part of the artistic process, and it can lead to unexpected and innovative sounds. It's possible that BMTH's softening of sound is a reflection of their desire to push boundaries and experiment with new sonic possibilities.

4. Changing Social and Cultural Context:

Music is a product of its time, reflecting the social and cultural context in which it is created. The metal scene has undergone significant changes in recent years, with a shift towards more progressive and experimental sounds. BMTH may have felt the need to adapt to these evolving trends, incorporating elements from other genres to stay relevant and appealing to their fan base.

5. Balancing Accessibility and Authenticity:

One of the challenges that bands face is striking a balance between accessibility and authenticity. BMTH's softening of sound may be an attempt to make their music more accessible to a wider audience while staying true to their artistic roots. By incorporating more melodic elements and less heavy instrumentation, the band can potentially appeal to a broader fan base without compromising their identity.


The softening of BMTH's sound is a complex issue with multiple contributing factors. Evolving musical tastes, audience expansion, creative exploration, changing social context, and the desire to balance accessibility and authenticity all play a role in shaping the band's sonic trajectory. Ultimately, it's up to each individual fan to decide whether they appreciate the band's new direction or prefer their earlier, heavier sound.


  1. Will BMTH ever go back to their heavier sound?

    • The band has not explicitly stated whether they will return to their heavier roots. However, given their history of musical evolution, it's possible that they may incorporate heavier elements into their sound in the future.
  2. Are BMTH selling out by softening their sound?

    • Whether or not BMTH is selling out is a matter of opinion. Some fans may feel that the band is compromising their artistic integrity in pursuit of commercial success, while others may appreciate their willingness to explore new musical territories.
  3. Has BMTH lost its fan base due to their softer sound?

    • While some fans may have been disappointed by the band's change in direction, BMTH continues to maintain a loyal fan base. The band's recent albums have been commercially successful, and they continue to attract new fans with their evolving sound.
  4. What does the future hold for BMTH?

    • It's difficult to predict BMTH's future musical direction. The band has shown a willingness to experiment and push boundaries, so it's likely that they will continue to evolve their sound in the years to come.
  5. Will BMTH ever reunite with their former vocalist, Oliver Sykes?

    • The band has not publicly commented on the possibility of a reunion with Oliver Sykes. However, given their history of creative differences and personal struggles, it seems unlikely that the band will reunite with their former frontman in the near future.



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